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You can search using either a gene name, Ensembl identifier (from ) or Bowhead Whale sequence ID

For more detailed queries you can use boolean (AND, OR, NOT), wildcard (*) and range searches ([1 TO 2]). You can also search for specific terms by grouping them in quotes e.g. "growth hormone". Certain fields are also available for more detailed filtering: ka_ks_ratio, cdna_percentage and protein_percentage. These can be used by following the structure of the next example: ka_ks_ratio:[0.75 TO 0.8] or protein_percentage:98. When using filters wildcards are required to get partial matches.

Search results (53122 matches)

Identifier Type Matches
scaffold_983 Scaffold
scaffold_984 Scaffold
scaffold_985 Scaffold
scaffold_986 Scaffold
scaffold_987 Scaffold
scaffold_988 Scaffold
scaffold_989 Scaffold
scaffold_98_6901 miRNA
scaffold_99 Scaffold
scaffold_990 Scaffold
scaffold_991 Scaffold
scaffold_992 Scaffold
scaffold_993 Scaffold
scaffold_994 Scaffold
scaffold_995 Scaffold
scaffold_996 Scaffold
scaffold_997 Scaffold
scaffold_998 Scaffold
scaffold_999 Scaffold
scaffold_9_1048 miRNA
scaffold_9_1084 miRNA
scaffold_9_1176 miRNA