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Potential Gene Matches

The following genes have been identified as possible orthologs in this organism.

FAM229B ENSTTRG00000003961 (Bottlenosed dolphin)

Gene Details

family with sequence similarity 229, member B

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Gene match (Ensembl Protein ID: ENSTTRP00000003725, Bottlenosed dolphin)

Protein Percentage 93.75%
cDNA percentage 96.67%
Ka/Ks Ratio 0.67388 (Ka = 0.0303, Ks = 0.0449)

Additional orthologs identified in other species via the OPTIC pipeline.

Genome Location

Sequence Coding sequence

Length: 243 bp    Location:555666..542880   Strand:-

Related Sequences

bmy_16228T0 Protein

Length: 81 aa