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Identifier Type Matches
bmy_03909 Coding sequence
PTGES3 (Bottlenosed dolphin)
PTGES3 (Cow)
PTGES3 (Human)
Ptges3 (Mouse)
bmy_03910 Coding sequence
ATP5B (Bottlenosed dolphin)
ATP5B (Cow)
ATP5B (Human)
Atp5b (Mouse)
bmy_03879 Coding sequence
DCTN2 (Bottlenosed dolphin)
DCTN2 (Cow)
DCTN2 (Minke Whale)
DCTN2 (Human)
Dctn2 (Mouse)
bmy_03883 Coding sequence
ARHGAP9 (Bottlenosed dolphin)
ARHGAP9 (Minke Whale)
ARHGAP9 (Human)
Arhgap9 (Mouse)
bmy_03945 Coding sequence
ENSTTRG00000009748 (Bottlenosed dolphin)
DNAJC14 (Cow)
DNAJC14 (Minke Whale)
DNAJC14 (Human)
Dnajc14 (Mouse)
bmy_03921 Coding sequence
PAN2 (Bottlenosed dolphin)
PAN2 (Cow)
PAN2 (Minke Whale)
bmy_03889 Coding sequence
NDUFA4L2 (Bottlenosed dolphin)
NDUFA4L2 (Cow)
NDUFA4L2 (Minke Whale)
NDUFA4L2 (Human)
Ndufa4l2 (Mouse)
bmy_03888 Coding sequence
STAC3 (Bottlenosed dolphin)
STAC3 (Cow)
STAC3 (Minke Whale)
STAC3 (Human)
Stac3 (Mouse)
bmy_03914 Coding sequence
SPRYD4 (Bottlenosed dolphin)
SPRYD4 (Cow)
SPRYD4 (Minke Whale)
SPRYD4 (Human)
Spryd4 (Mouse)
bmy_03938 Coding sequence
BT.105383 (Cow)
RAB5B (Human)
Rab5b (Mouse)
bmy_03891 Coding sequence
NXPH4 (Cow)
NXPH4 (Human)
Nxph4 (Mouse)
bmy_03864 Coding sequence
TSFM (Bottlenosed dolphin)
TSFM (Cow)
TSFM (Minke Whale)
TSFM (Human)
Tsfm (Mouse)
bmy_03935 Coding sequence
IKZF4 (Bottlenosed dolphin)
IKZF4 (Cow)
IKZF4 (Minke Whale)
IKZF4 (Human)
Ikzf4 (Mouse)
bmy_03865 Coding sequence
METTL21B (Bottlenosed dolphin)
METTL21B (Cow)
METTL21B (Minke Whale)
METTL21B (Human)
Mettl21b (Mouse)
bmy_03890 Coding sequence
SHMT2 (Bottlenosed dolphin)
bmy_03929 Coding sequence
MYL6 (Cow)
MYL6 (Human)
bmy_03908 Coding sequence
bmy_03875 Coding sequence
ARHGEF25 (Bottlenosed dolphin)
GEFT (Cow)
ARHGEF25 (Human)
Arhgef25 (Mouse)
bmy_03876 Coding sequence
bmy_03860 Coding sequence
bmy_15633 Coding sequence
Lgals9 (Mouse)
bmy_15641 Coding sequence
ENSTTRG00000015396 (Bottlenosed dolphin)
EVI2A (Cow)
EVI2A (Minke Whale)
EVI2A (Human)
Evi2a (Mouse)
bmy_15582 Coding sequence
CLPTM1 (Bottlenosed dolphin)
BT.91082 (Cow)
CLPTM1 (Minke Whale)
CLPTM1 (Human)
Clptm1 (Mouse)
bmy_15577 Coding sequence
BCAM (Bottlenosed dolphin)
BCAM (Cow)
BCAM (Minke Whale)
BCAM (Human)
Bcam (Mouse)
bmy_15602 Coding sequence
VASP (Bottlenosed dolphin)
VASP (Cow)
VASP (Minke Whale)
VASP (Human)
Vasp (Mouse)